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Rits and Pearl in print
Written by Rits Tadema   

Rits and Pearl Tadema

Now, after 50 years both Rits and Pearl let you in on their journey,

perhaps somewhat at your own expense?



Pearl Tadema, M.Ed. Author of


ISBN 978-1-60266-576-7.  Order 7/24 toll free: 1-866-909-2665 (or Internet.)

Pearl invites you to look at her life and find similar treasures in your own life. With Jesus at the rudder you too will enjoy navigating the rise and fall of life's ocean-waves. Jesus makes dreams come true and life exciting. He develops you into the unique person He created you to be in the first place. 

Born in Monroe, Washington from Dutch immigtant stock, Pearl graduated from Calvin College in 1950and married Rits Tadema, a scholarship student from the Netherlands. Serving as a Pastor's wife she raised eight children and earned a Master of Education degree with a major in counseling from Seattle Paciific University in 1980.   In 1995 she began ACRES OF DIAMONDS, a Christian Program and Home for homeless Mothers and their children. Read the rest of her story to your children!

Rits Tadema. Th.B Author of


ISBN 978-1-60266-577-4, order 7/24 toll free: 1-866-909-2665 (or Internet)

What does it mean to survive famine and bombings?  Living in the 3 o'clock position points us in the right direction. Read it, reflect and multiply these Christian Perspective illustrated by this journey.

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